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Associate Spotlight | Satomi Takagi


Satomi Takagi began working with Parker at Nintendo this past June as a Japanese/English Translator. We reached out to learn a bit more about Satomi’s experience at Nintendo thus far!  

Parker: What is your favorite part of working at Nintendo?

Satomi: First time working as a translator and I really enjoy the work. I have great co-workers and overall a fun department. Bonus points for the frequent snacks/souvenirs people bring and share.

Parker: What is your favorite video game of all time?

Satomi: Mario Kart.  Great for playing with friends and is a true test of friendship (lol). When someone constantly blows you up right before the finish line, it really says something about their personality. It’s actually lots of fun ^_^

Parker:  If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?

Satomi: Would be fun to be in a Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I want to be myself or if possible have them create a new original character (like a cool female pirate).

Parker: What is your favorite winter activity?

Satomi: Staying inside and sitting in the kotatsu enjoying a warm beverage. I’m not much for super cold weather. Snow is pretty to look at but that’s about it.

Additionally (I’m not sure if this is a “winter” activity), every year I go Black Friday shopping with a couple of friends. The only time I can pull an all-nighter.

Parker: If you could only eat one food item for the rest of your life what would you pick?

Satomi: Sashimi!

Parker: What is a fun fact about yourself few others know?

Satomi: One item on my bucket list is to one day travel around the world and hit every continent (also every Disney Parks – so far still have Paris and the 2 in China to go).

Parker: If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

Satomi: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.” (Note: I didn’t create this but I really like this one. It’s from the movie Kung Fu Panda.)

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