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How to Display Contract Work on your Resume

It’s a question that comes up more often than not – What’s the best way to list my contract work on my resume? And honestly, it’s a fair question. You work at a company directly in their office everyday doing work for them, but technically your employer (and the company signing your paychecks) is a staffing company. …but which one should you list as the ’employer’ on your resume and LinkedIn profile?

The short answer: It should be the staffing company.

If you’re working with Parker on assignment at Nintendo, that means Parker is your employer; however, this doesn’t mean Nintendo should be left off of your resume entirely! In fact, there are a few different approaches to displaying your contract work on your resume in a neat, organized way. The recruiters at the Parker HQ in Downtown Seattle shared a blog post packed with their advice, successful resume and LinkedIn examples, and why it’s important to differentiate your contract work from full-time employment. You can read the full blog post here.

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